From left to right: Oscar Gonzalez, Miguel Aquino, Amy O’Dowd, Erikca Wilson

We are excited to announce America SCORES LA has taken a new direction in its leadership approach with four co-directors charting the course. Oscar, Miguel, Amy, and Erikca have worked together in various capacities within the organization for over 15 years! They were guided by Alex Soschin and David Joseph who founded the program as well as the most recent Executive Director, Geoff Wilson. 


Oscar began mentoring as a teacher’s assistant at Palms Elementary in 1996. He was hired to coach for ASLA the year it was founded and has been the lifeblood of the organization for nearly 20 years. Oscar approaches students and peers with warmth, humor, and unparalleled patience with a skill for unlocking hidden potential. This past Summer we returned to in-person programming and Oscar’s summer program received a prestigious award from the National Summer Learning Association.

Miguel began as a student in the program in 2003, continued through middle school, and high school. He went on to play club soccer at California State University Northridge where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology. Of all the responsibilities he shares within the organization, he’s most proud of the work he does with ASLA coaches, ensuring student-athletes obtain their goals on and off the field.

Amy grew up in the Palms community, attended Palms Middle School, and returned to teach there after graduating college. She began coaching for ASLA in their very first year of middle school programming. Miguel happened to be a student-athlete at Palms Middle at the time, which makes working together as co-directors today that much more meaningful. Before joining the co-director team, Amy served as Program Director for both David Joseph and Geoff Wilson. 

Erikca has been with ASLA since the Fall of 2004, providing quality and transformative programming. With her guidance, a number of alumni have returned as either volunteers and/or staff to give back to their communities. Many have made healthy life decisions, both emotionally and physically as a result of being in ASLA. As an educator, scholar, and athlete, Erikca understands the importance of an organization such as America SCORES LA.

Year after year this team dedicates themselves to building an organization that truly matters and are excited about the road ahead.